We have range of tents from 2 person up-to 6 person tents which you can hire. we have compact for trekking as well as leisure camping., semi luxury tents on Rent. If you are organizer of a music festival we can set-up tents at your event and manage the camping.

Coleman 3 person Tent
Dimensions :7ft*7ft*4.4ft(Height)
Rent : Rs. 250 (24 hours)
Deposit – 1500rs or PDC
Arpenaz 3+ tent
Rent – Rs.250/- (24hours)
Deposit – 1500rs or PDC
Coleman sundome 4
9Ft by 7Ft spacious for 4 people
Rent – Rs.400
Deposit – 2000rs or PDC
Quechua T2tent
Rent – Rs.150 ( 24 hours )
Deposit – 1000rs or PDC
Quechua T4.1B
Rent – Rs.600 ( 24 hours )
Deposit – 3000rs or PDC
Quechua T6.2
Rent – Rs.750 per day (24 hours )
Deposit Rs.5000 or PDC